Monday, October 26, 2015

Cutie Pie Monster Wreath

 Aloha everyone,

Thanks for stopping by today. If you are anything like me and have a million and one things going on, you probably aren't ready for Halloween yet.

I can't believe it's coming up this weekend already! Where did the time go?

Anyway, on to my project.

I have seen so many cute Halloween wreaths pop up on my Pinterest wall I just knew I wanted to try my hand at creating one.

To make this wreath, I used a seven inch foam wreath, three rolls of teal glitter tulle, two rolls of purple glitter tulle, invisible stretch string, one set of miniature purple flashing lights, matching card stock and BAM!

My one word of advise for you, is maybe tape the foam with painters tape. My wreath actually fell to the floor and broke into four pieces. I believe this may have been caused by the stress of wrapping my lights around the wreath.

If you want to have your wreath flash as well, the next step would be to wrap the lights around the foam.
 After having completed the first two steps, just grab your primary color and wrap it around the foam several times and tie it off using the standard regular knot tie. Follow this up with your secondary color and keep going from there.

You may not like the way it's shaping up at first, but please keep going. The end result is stunning and you will be happy that you followed through with your wreath.

Now for my little monster. You can grab this little cutie pie here and if you hurry you can grab her for just 33 cents!
While you're there check out all the other cuties for sale and don't forget to grab their freebie.

It's a little hard to see, but I actually used loose pink flock to accent her monster costume and the result is too cute.
She is just so soft and cuddly. 

To finish up this creation, I used an oldie but goody from Jaded Blossom called, "Halloween Treats" and added their bat fro their Halloween dies to the center.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a scrappy day!

Hope your Halloween is simply boo-tiful!

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  1. That looks absolutely AMAZING!!! I have never made a wreath before it is always so intimidating. This looks super easy and super cute! I love the lights and the glitter in the tulle!!! Thank you so much for sharing your creation with us!
    ~KaDoodle Bug DT Katie