Friday, August 21, 2015

Not My Circus...

Hi all,

Thanks for stopping by. Have you ever had those moments where you got yourself involved in other peoples problems, jobs, errands, etc. and it quickly spiraled out of control? I know I have and every time it happens, I can't help but think, "How do I get myself involved in this mess?!!"

To honor these special occasions and to remind myself to not get involved in things beyond my control I made myself a shadow box picture frame.

Lol! Isn't that sentiment the funniest? It has been popping up all over my Facebook wall and when I saw that KBD had a circus theme, I just knew I had to create my own version of this.

To color the frame, I finally got around to using my now much loved, Ebrush. Holy moly is this thing awesome! I can totally see myself using this bad boy to ink the edges of my creations instead of constantly using my sponge and stamps. 

The ticket stamp came from Stampin Up and just added that finishing touch to remind me I don't have tickets to other people's circus'.

Hope you guys had a great laugh with this one.

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