Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sweet Dreams Baby

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One of my girlfriends recently gave birth to a precious little girl and to help celebrate their joyous occasion I made created these cute little baby gifts.
Inspiration for this project came from Kadoodle Bug Designs, Sweet Dreams Bears, SVG Cuts, Stars and Stripes lantern and the super cute baby mobile found in the Silhouette online store by Carina Gardner, Design ID #79798. 

To create the "umbrella" on the mobile, I suggest you use a heavy cardstock base, such as cardboard cardstock. I then covered up the cardboard with my design paper and mirrored underneath the "umbrella" as well. This will give it the strength it needs to hold your hanging pieces without collapsing your umbrella.

I double sided my bears so that no matter which way the string turn, the bears will always be seen.
The star was made using the star die from Jaded Blossom's and if you look real close you will notice it is actually a shaker star. Again, this look was achieved by nesting the star die. 

Before I forget, the only element I changed in the Sweet Dreams Bears was the sleeping bear. I added a little moon behind the bear. Please keep in mind that by double siding your mobile you will be adding extra weight onto it. Again, it is very important to make sure you use a sturdy cardstock for the "umbrella".

 Looking below you can see the lantern with the sleeping bear inside. I also have this bear hung onto a string and hot glued it onto the ceiling of the lantern. Attaching the string to the ceiling of the lantern is much easier to do before you glue the ceiling onto the lantern.
 To create the fluffy clouds I simply added cotton balls to the bottom of lantern and this helped create the appearance of my little bear floating on the clouds.
To create the light coming from underneath the clouds I used submersible led string lights found at my local craft store. Unfortunately, my pictures really do not do this project justice and the lantern at night is so stunning I'm almost hesitant to give it away.

Mahalo for stopping by and I hope you all have a scrappy day!

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