Monday, September 7, 2015

Hello Birthday Girl

Hi all,

                      Thanks for swinging by today. For today's card, I decided to try to create a more 3d style card with my Bazzill shimmer papers.

                      Inspiration for this card came from my craft sister over at Sugar Bean Creations. She makes some of the cutest cards and I encourage you to pay her a visit.

                      I found the mermaid splash pop up card, design ID #63237 in the Silhouette online store.

                    Several modifications were made to this card by removing the mermaid and all of her scenery that accompanies this card. That left me with the exterior and the interior of the shell. By using a flower roller and rolling it around the card, I was able to create a more curved effect to the card.
                  I enlarged KBD's Mermaid Lagoon mermaid and lengthened the loose seaweed to surround her. Accents to the seaweed was made using my absolutely need in my stash stickles.

                Using my much loved ink chalks, I  was able to shade in the little  stones littering the floor and actually just folded the seaweed over to make it stand up instead of gluing it down with the stone. The outcome is just fabulous!

Details to this little cuties face were made using my white gellyroll pen and my 0.05 LePen. As you can see, different colors of stickles were used on her starfish bra and hair barrettes.

The little tiny blue beads were found at my local craft store and added that finishing touch to my sea floor as well as creating the impression of bubbles floating amongst "Ariel" and her friends.

The tag and stamp (Hello, Hello) came from Jaded Blossom.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a scrappy day!

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